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then and now

Mum modeled for Barbizon in the 1940’s and when I came along she often captivated me by feigning shock, accidentally on purpose (?), while flashing her 50’s vintage lingerie. I discovered the pleasures of loving masturbation early on, often locking myself in the bathroom for some CBT or carefully zipping up in mums’ satin paneled long leg girdles. Snitching drying foundations from neighborhood clotheslines and lingerie drawers, I’ve built up quite a collection and for many years I thought I was a girl and either played alone or furtively when I had the chance. Now, I love feeling queer! nearly every day I’m in bra and panties. When dressing for playing or serving my mistress she insists that I’m plugged and fitted in my steel cage before she laces me in one of my girdle corsets.